Best Projector Screens on the Market for Homes

This means that you will enjoy bright images and the best picture quality thanks to more vibrant colors. Some of its users said that this projector screen is not perfect to use in daylight. Well, if you use a bright projector with great resolution, you may not face this issue. But, if you want to use it outdoors, we recommend considering other options on our list.

Item Number: Elite-ER135WH2

TheAeon AcousticPro UHDis an acoustically transparent Ultra-Hi Def fixed frame projection screen. TheAcousticPro UHDacoustically transparent material is designed to complement in-wall speakers while allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation. Its tight perforated weave design allows a superior AT performance without sacrificing picture quality. This specific projector screen is a white material that is 100″ diagonally with a gain of 1.1.

inch Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series

Given that our top screen – the stupendous Seymour Screen Excellence Ambient-Visionaire Black 1.2 – costs a mere $2,200, we don’t believe the Solo Pro 2 offers quite enough value here. One thing to be aware of with the Pyle PRJTP46 is that the design isn’t as robust as we’d like. The portable nature means that it’s somewhat flimsy, and can be knocked over or out of true if you brush against it. The viewing surface also has a tendency to not be completely flat, with more than one wrinkle popping up when we tried it.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and it raises and lowers manually rather than using a motor, dropping its weight to a reasonable 40 pounds. Here’s how to compute height and width dimensions of a projector screen from the diagonal dimension, and how to calculate diagonal and height starting with projector screen width. Motorized Projection Screen of 1.0 is the industry standard; 1.2 is 20% higher reflectivity. To optimize the picture quality for an enhanced visual experience. EDGE FREECLR®means there is an internal framework with wraparound material bordered with an ultra-thin bezel. Let us know in the comments which 4K projector screen you will buy.

It is a very good screen, but others offer more value or better performance. A calibrator with tools can fix the projector to account for the tint of a screen, but that’s an extra $300 to $500 expense after you buy the screen. For its price, the Silver Ticket provides little reason to build your own screen instead of buying one that you can assemble yourself and hang in less than an hour. Building your own screen with blackout cloth, wood, and felt can easily cost $100 if you already own all the tools you need , and it can’t be taken apart later or moved easily. The small savings aren’t worth it in comparison, especially when the image quality will likely be worse overall. An ideal screen will produce the exact same numbers as the reference.

The product is made of three layers of polyester and promises to be thicker than comparable examples on the market. The middle layer is made of a light shielding substance that is said to provide more vivid pictures when projected. Because of the eyelets, it may be suspended in midair, making it ideal for use on a deck or a camping trip. Many customers loved the fact that you can set it up fast and easily. This is the product for you if you want a large yet affordable projection screen with reinforced borders that can be fastened to the wall with double-sided tape or plastic hooks. Investing in a projector screen with the best picture possible for the price is important so you are not overpaying.

W. Jeff Maier of AccuCal has tested samples of many screen materials using high-end equipment to determine their color accuracy and actual gain. Remember, with the summer just around the corner, it’s prime time to also check out the best outdoor projector screens, as well as the best outdoor projectors and best portable projectors. And with that, here’s our take on the best projector screens going. The Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 is a high-quality, entry-level wall-mounted projection screen.

Our pick is aimed more at someone looking to put together a casual home theater on a budget or just wanting to upgrade from a living room wall. A good screen can last a long time, so it’s worth investing enough money to get something that’s easy to set up and offers decent performance. If you’re okay with a do-it-yourself project and want an even better image, the Goo Systems GooToob tops the Silver Ticket in performance. The color was neutral and the image had a slightly smoother look to it. It’s a small difference between this and our top pick, but one that you can see without extra equipment when the images are side by side.

For starters, actually getting those figures involves a dive into manufacturer specifications. This is because manufacturers give the size of the screen in a single measurement, which represents a line from one corner to the other, diagonally. It makes for good marketing copy, but it can be a little bit annoying, as it doesn’t actually tell you how much of the screen is going to be taken up with an image. From brightness and picture clarity to automation, viewing angle and more, we break down this year’s best projector screens.

The image has a very bad color tint, and it just doesn’t impress. While testing the Reference White, I found it has a blue tint compared with the GooToob, and it’s harder to install than a screen. Painting a screen means sanding a wall to be perfectly flat and free of any texture, and then spraying multiple coats of paint. If you don’t own a paint sprayer it’s another piece of hardware to buy , and one you might not use again. Hanging a screen leaves just two holes in the wall that are relatively easy to patch.