Some Post Images Appearing Blurry After Using Blogger Importer

After Taking backup go to your theme edit section and press the edit button. Thank you, Lindo, for documenting all of this. You were so wonderful in helping me to fix the problem on my blog, and now I have something to refer to when I want to change it in the future.

There’s nothing more frustrating than blurry pictures. In my last article about Gaming on Linux the URL of the image i uploaded wasn’t the usual URL of the domain but a new domain. Of course, it’s a temporary solution for people who have the blogger blurry picture problem. If the original blogger uncles find a permanent solution, it will completely solve the problem. However, you will not have any problems with this solution, for the featured image in your article. Causing blogger to get an error like not displaying the article thumbnail properly or if it is see then it see as blurry thumbnail.

Resize Bloggers popular post images to fit the width of your sidebar without being blurry

It can positive impact on the SEO of your blog. Blogger pictures blurry can affect you increase your website bounce rate. Here you can easily find Blogger pictures of blurry problems solution. Somewhere along the line when Blogger started updating, changing out your header is a big problem. For years, all you had to do was either upload the new header from your computer or copy the header url.

The main benefits of JPG and PNG:

Did you also notice that when you upload images on Blogger, they become a little blurry? No matter how sharp your images really look, they will lose their quality once you upload them on Blogger. This happens because Blogger will automatically resize and compress your blog images.

In the image URL, you will see something like s320 as in the above example. This attribute sets the quality of the image. Here the number after s represents the width (or resolution/quality) of the image. Just below the image, you will see different options to set its size/quality such as Small, Large, Medium, X-Large and Original Size. Here you have to click on the Original Size option.

@nm1com I’m 99% sure that the ones that keep encountering an error are the problem. No matter what I do they refuse to be fixed. Also, I learnt that the mu-plugin folder cannot be writable, on the easy wp system after contacting support. Apart from above, there are Breadcrumb of other ways to ensure you’re images are showing in the best possible quality. An image with the width of 320px will look fine with s320.